The Production Response

The effective response is at the center of what the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival is all about.

It celebrates the good work of the production team, and gets them thinking about how they can improve future work. In order to facilitate those ideas utilize these best practices:

  • Make sure the director knows when you’ll be coming to respond to the work.
  • If you’re not familiar with the script or genre/style of the piece, do a bit of homework (research) in advance of the performance.
  • Be on time.
  • Be courteous during the performance and response. Do no harm.
  • Respond to what the director and production are trying to accomplish; do not attempt to re-direct the show or give director’s notes.
  • A response should be longer than ten (10) minutes and no longer than one (1) hour. The institution has paid for and expects a substantive and thoughtful response.
  • Complete the Response Report form, including a brief description of the merits and challenges of the production within three (3) to four (4) days of seeing the show.